Bowl as a sustainable tourist souvenir of Dom na Krasu

Purchase contact: Dom na Krasu, Dutovlje 128, contact person: Martina Ćiković:

The skilful hands of the residents of Dom na Krasu, under the mentorship of ceramicist Alenka Gololičič, by kneading and caressing clay and leaving prints in it, recreated wonderful reconstructions of prehistoric bowls, as peoples from Istrian, Karst, Brkini, Kvarner middle towns knew during the Middle Bronze and Early Iron Ages. Above all, to make people feel and understand the generosity of nature, the importance of land and water, the importance of joint creation and to remind them of the precious pottery knowledge of our ancestors. To remember and honour them. To revive, protect and preserve this rich and neglected heritage for future generations. To appreciate it and be proud of it. Because it is a part of every human being, a part of us.

The bowl will be used as a souvenir from the project area in sustainable tourism. The special social welfare institution DOM NA KRASU Dutovlje and its residents were actively involved in the development of the souvenir within the Kaštelir project. As part of the project, they were trained to be able to make bowls independently in their workshops, under the mentorship of two working work instructors. They fill them with various additives such as herbs, candle holder, etc. The souvenir is available in Dom na Krasu and in tourist information centers, shops and restaurants; their purchase price is returned in full to the institution. This gave the project an extremely important social and humanitarian note.

The residents of Dom na Krasu add a special message to each bowl, which reads: "The residents of Dom na Krasu breathed life into prehistoric bowls and souvenirs, weaving their indelible trace into them by kneading and shaping clay. Just as our ancestors did, who also lived in our territory during the Bronze and Iron Ages. We applied Karst soil to the bowls - a pinch of home-made lumps from the local hill forts, which is the most you can take from our places with you around the world. Let it remind you again and again of the generosity of nature, the importance of land and water, and the value of pottery knowledge throughout history. Thank you for recognising our efforts to notice, protect, revive, cherish, and preserve this rich but overlooked heritage for future generations. It is a part of each of us, a part of humanity."

Clay Base for the Bowl
Handmade Bowl
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A Bowl with a Candle
A Bowl of Herbs
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